• Click Chemistry Reagents

    Click Chemistry Toolbox

    DBCO, TCO, tetrazine, azide, alkyne, and related reagents.

  • DBCO Or DBCO Reagents

    Enrichment Media

    Biotin/streptavidin-free tools for capturing azide-, or alkyne-tagged biomolecules.

  • Metabolic Labeling Reagents

    Metabolic Labeling Reagents

    Azide-, and alkyne-containing metabolic labeling reagents.

  • Biotin Labeling Reagents

    Biotin Labeling Reagents

    Quantifiable and conventional biotinylation kits and reagents for antibodies, proteins and peptides labeling with biotin.

  • Fluorescent Dyes

    Fluorescent Dyes

    Activated fluorescent dyes for labeling amines, sulfhydryls, azide, alkyne, and other functional groups.

  • Crosslinking Reagents

    Crosslinking Reagents

    Superior crosslinkers for creating more stable and homogeneous antibody conjugates.