UV-Tracer Biotin-Maleimide

Catalog # Pkg Size Price(USD) Quantity
B105-100 100 mg $695.00
B105-25 25 mg $219.00
B105-10 10 mg $119.00
B105-2 4 x 2 mg $149.00
B105-k labeling kit $295.00

This advanced biotinylation reagent contains UV-traceable benzophenone moiety that has absorption maximum at 350 nm. Two surrounded hydrophilic arms enhance water solubility, reduce the tendency of some proteins to aggregate/precipitate during biotinylation, and improve conjugate yield at moderately-to-higher biotin loads. After biotinylation, the conjugate’s absorbance at 280 nm and 350 nm is used to rapidly and quantitatively measure the level of biotin incorporation. UV-TracerTM Biotin-Maleimide reagent improves labeling reproducibility and yield at higher biotin loads for maximum assay sensitivity and robustness.