QuántiLink Biotin-PEG12-NHS Ester

Catalog # Pkg Size Price(USD) Quantity
1211-100 100 mg $695.00
1211-25 25 mg $219.00
1211-10 10 mg $119.00
1211-1 4 x 1 mg $149.00
1211K labeling kit $219.00

QuántĭLinkTM Biotin labeling reagents comprise a family of the most advances biotinylation reagents with built-in signal quantification capability. These reagents contain UV signature that enables direct nondestructive quantification of total incorporated biotin molecules by means of spectroscopic (A280/A350) measurement of modified proteins.

Hydrophilic PEG12 arms enhance water solubility, reduce the tendency of some proteins to aggregate/precipitate during biotinylation, and improve conjugate yield at moderately-to-higher biotin loads.



After biotinylation, the degree of biotinylation can be measured in minutes, not hours, without the standard curves required for HABA/avidin and fluoro-reporter assays. With a simple, non-destructive UV-Vis scan you can quantify biotin incorporation and ensure reproducible production of consistent batches.

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