Click-&-Go® Protein Enrichment Kit

*for capture of alkyne-modified proteins*

Click-&-Go Protein Enrichment Kits
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Click-&-Go® Protein Capture Kit provides all the necessary reagents to perform capture of alkyne-modified proteins on high capacity streptavidin agarose resin. The kit includes specially formulated components to perform copper-catalyzed click reaction and subsequent capture on high capacity streptavidin agarose. Sufficient material is supplied for 25 enrichments based on the provided protocol. The kit provides alkyne labeled BSA as a positive control.

Enrichment target
Alkyne-modified proteins
Number of enrichments
Isolation technology
Biotin-streptavidin based capture
Storage Condition
Shipping conditions
Ambient temperature

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Click-&-Go® Protein Enrichment Kit

Protein Enrichment Kit for covalent capture of alkyne-tagged proteins onto azide agarose resin.

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