Lys-to-Lys Protein-Protein Conjugation Kit

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1008 labeling kit $285.00

Lys-to-Lys Protein-Protein Conjugation Kit is designed to easily and efficiently conjugate two lysine containing proteins (100-500 ug) of a different size greater than 7 kDa. The kit includes everything for in-house preparation of protein-protein conjugates. This kit is easy-to-use, and includes detailed protocols so that researchers with little or no conjugation experience can make their own protein-protein conjugates.

Lys-to-Lys Protein-Protein Conjugation Kit is based on the most efficient, catalyst-free ligation chemistry ever developed. Unparalleled by any other linking technology described to date, the kit delivers 100% conversion of protein to conjugate when little more than 1 molar equivalent of excess protein is used.

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Mild conditions – no catalyst or reducing agents (e.g. DTT)

High yield – >95% yield 60 in a minute or less

Easy-to-use – simple calculations and short protocols

Efficient – 100% conversion with 95-99% yields