EZ-Click Plus MB 488 Labeling Kit

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1212 labeling kit $255.00

EZ-ClickTM Plus MB 488 Labeling Kit provides researchers with everything needed to perform copper-catalyzed click reactions with compounds that are sensitive to copper, while retaining all of the benefits of the standard azide/alkyne click reaction. EZ-ClickTM Plus MB 488 Labeling Kit utilizes a copper-chelating azide that dramatically accelerates the Cu(I)-catalyzed azide−alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) reaction under conditions relevant to biomolecular labeling. The use of picolyl azide labeling reagent allows the modulation of copper levels in the click reaction by varying the amounts of CuSO4 and copper protectant (chelator), thus minimizing the deleterious effects of copper without sacrificing reaction efficiency.

The kit provides all the necessary reagents for 30 to 100 cell or tissue assays, depending on application.