Click-&-Go® Plus 568 Imaging Kit

Click-&-Go Plus 568 Imaging Kit
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Click-&-Go® Plus 568 Imaging Kit is an all-inclusive kit optimized for imaging alkyne-tagged biopolymers with red-fluorescent AZDye 568 Azide Plus. Azide Plus reagents contain a complete copper-chelating system in their structure, allowing for the formation of strong, active copper complexes that act simultaneously as both reactant and catalyst in the CuAAC reaction. This azide-copper complex reacts almost instantaneously with alkynes under diluted conditions. This unprecedented reactivity in the CuAAC reaction is of special value for the detection of low abundance targets, improving biocompatibility, and is also valuable for any other application where greatly improved S/N ratio is highly desired. Sufficient materials is supplied to perform at least 30 cell or tissue assays based on a total reaction volume of 500 µL.

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Product Size
1 kit
AZDye 568
Abs/Em Maxima
578/602 nm
Flow cytometry laser line
532 nm or 568 nm
Microscopy laser line
532 nm or 568 nm
Number of Reactions
Storage Condition
4 C
Shipping Condition
Ambient temperature
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  2. Uttamapinant, C., et al. (2012). Fast, Cell-Compatible Click Chemistry with Copper-Chelating Azides for Biomolecular Labeling. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed,., 51, 5852-56. [PubMed]
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