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1243-25 25 mg $95.00
1243-100 100 mg $225.00
1243-1000 1000 mg $895.00

Although the mixed isomers of 5(6)-TAMRA, SE, also know as 5(6)-TAMRA NHS Ester is a preferred, routinely used red fluorescent dye for staining proteins, labeling peptides and nucleotides, purification of 5(6)-TAMRA labeled peptide and nucleotides might be troublesome due to significant signal broadening in HPLC purification. Peptides and nucleotides labeled with a single isomer TAMRA usually give better resolution in HPLC purification that is often required in the conjugation processes. 5-TAMRA is more often used for labeling peptides and proteins. 6-TAMRA is predominately used for labeling nucleotides and sequencing nucleic acids. 5-TAMRA dye is a bright fluorescent label is compatible with various excitation sources including mercury arc, tungsten and xenon arc lamps, the 544 nm line of the Helium-Neon laser and the 532 nm green laser line.