5-Ethynyl Uridine (5-EU)

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1261-10 10 mg $79.00
1261-25 25 mg $179.00
1261-100 100 mg $495.00
1261-500 500 mg $1,195.00

5-Ethynyl uridine (5-EU) is a metabolic labeling reagent used to detect global RNA transcription temporally and spatially in both in-vitro and in-vivo with the modified nucleotide using two-step technique.

In step one, the alkyne-containing uridine analog 5-EU is fed to cells or animals and actively incorporated into RNA. In step two the incorporated 5-EU is detected via chemoselective ligation or “click” reaction between an azide and an alkyne where the modified biomolecules are detected with a corresponding azide-containing dye or hapten. Cells can be analyzed by fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry or high-content imaging and analysis (HCS).