Azide Reagents

  • Labeling Reagents

    Labeling Reagents

    Carboxylic acid, activated ester, maleimide, and amine-containing azide reagents.

  • Biotinylation Reagents

    Biotinylation Reagents

    Azide-activated biotinylation reagents.

  • Clevable Biotin Probes

    Clevable Biotin Probes

    Cleavable biotin probes for capture and selective release of alkyne-tagged biomolecules.

  • Fluorogenic Azide

    Fluorogenic Azide

    Highly fluorogenic azide probes that are activated by conversion to the corresponding triazoles via click chemistry.

  • Fluorescent Biotin Probes

    Fluorescent Biotin Probes

    Trifunctional biotin probes that allow for visualization and affinity purification of alkyne-tagged molecules.

  • AFDyes


    Azide-activated, bright and water-soluble probes for click chemistry.

  • Fluorescent Dyes

    Fluorescent Dyes

    Fluorescent dyes activated with azide or picolyl azide group.